Based in Brisbane, Hungry Gecko Gardens design residential gardens with a focus on native plants and natural landscapes and supply native stingless bees in high quality hive boxes.


Raised in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane’s northwest, Joe McAlister has always had a love of nature and was introduced to the concept of home gardening at an early age with family vege patches, chickens, and a backyard mango tree. Through camping trips to national parks in Southeast Queensland, he developed a deep appreciation for native flora and fauna. His passion for gardening flourished after purchasing a post-war cottage with a blank slate lawn where he was able to bring his native landscaping vision to his own surroundings.

With a background in business and marketing, Joe completed a Diploma of Horticulture at Grovely Campus, Brisbane North Institute of TAFE and a Permaculture Design Certificate at Northey Street City Farm. His horticulture studies have focused on plant identification and use, soils, sustainable land use and landscape design.

In 2011, Joe founded Hungry Gecko Gardens with a strong focus on edible, permaculture inspired and native gardens. His focus on native garden design then took over and has continued to be something he is very passionate about. On the side his interest in native stingless bees (meliponiculture) developed until it became a viable element of the business with hives located at several sites in Brisbane and a dedicated workshop space for the construction of hive boxes.

Native Garden Design

Through his designs, Joe strives to increase the use of native flora to improve our natural surroundings, increase diversity within suburban gardens, and provide habitat and food sources for our local native wildlife. Additionally, he hopes his designs will encourage people to become involved in their outdoor space and reconnect with our natural surroundings.

Many clients have a strong interest in gardening and nature and are looking for a concept design to work from themselves as they transform their garden.


A consultation and walk through of your site provides Joe the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of your garden and landscape goals. Together, you will discuss how you plan to use your outdoor space, consider suitable plants, and explore possible design solutions.

At the end of the consultation you may keep any notes and sketches to embark on your own gardening journey, or engage Hungry Gecko Gardens to develop a concept design.

Landscape Concept Design

Following a consultation, you may wish to engage Hungry Gecko Gardens to develop a landscape concept design. Your concept design will detail all elements of the garden including key features and plant positions. This will be accompanied by a complete plant list and images of plants and key features. As part of the design process, your garden design will be presented to you on site, where you will be given the opportunity to suggest any final changes. You may choose to create the garden yourself or engage a landscape gardener.


Hungry Gecko Gardens creates a select number of gardens each year.

Upon finalisation of the concept design, you may wish to engage Hungry Gecko Gardens to bring your garden to life. Hungry Gecko Gardens specialises in soft landscaping and plant selection and can recommend builders, earthmovers, electricians and arborists if required.

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Native Stingless Bees

Hungry Gecko Gardens supply native stingless bees in high quality hive boxes and a range of accessories and related services including hive splits.

At Hungry Gecko Gardens, hives are built to the standard Honey OATH dimensions using Hoop Pine (minimum 25mm thick). All hives are protected with 3 coats of exterior paint in an off-white colour and feature a hardwood landing pad and metal feet. Inside, a clear brood excluder between the main hive cavity and the honey super allows for either observation of the bees (with the gap at the back taped up) or honey collection.

Hives come stocked with either Tetragonula carbonaria or Tetragonula hockingsi. It is not possible to select which species you receive.

Currently hives are only available within the Greater Brisbane Region.

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Hungry Gecko Gardens is committed to preserving Australia’s native stingless bee population. If you discover a stingless bee hive in a location which places the hive at risk, please get in touch through the contact form above so that the hive can be relocated to a safe place. Generally, the hive can be rescued the same day or advice can be provided to ensure their safety until they can be collected.